Back in 2005, Paul Bausch joked:

A funny punchline is still available for some geeky joke: (Remember, it’s not a joke if it doesn’t have its own .com.) I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see where platform is your least favorite platform or internet celeb. Benchmark the laughter.

I’ve owned the domain since June 2005, but obviously I’ve never done anything with it. I mean, I even avoided the obvious humor value of “”, which I could have had running for what, a year?

Anyhow, is coming up for renewal again in two months. I’m not renewing it this time. I’ve had five years to prove to myself that I won’t do anything with it. If you want the domain, get in touch with me [gfmorris AT gfmorris DOT net] or leave me a comment here with your interest, and I’ll use that email to get in touch with you. If 23 Jun 2010 hits and no one picks it up, I’ll let the domain-squatting pill-pushing vultures at it. I think that you’ll agree that this is no great end for what could be very funny.

I have a new rule with these sorts of things: I register the domain name without auto-renewal, and if I don’t do anything with it, I let the domain lapse. I reinforced this when Chris and I built in a day. [Whiskerinos, take note: I registered three months ago and have done nothing with it. Contact me if you're interested in taking it on.]

Update, 28Apr2010 @ 1615: Sold! To Jeff.